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"Do we know each other?"


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Just keep talking about that little ball of light touching your heart, and she’ll come ‘round.

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booty vs booty

I’m always amazed how much control Chris has over that shield. When Tom turns it is swinging around uncontrollably, while in Chris’ hand it stays perfectly still.

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So much mental traffic in the universe. Solitude is the only peace.

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Hey there :)
this is my very first music video for the song “Lines of Sight” from the new Album “Somewhere Sometime” from Amistat! I’d be veeery happy if you can spare two minutes of your time to watch it :)

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the best feeling in the world is when your teacher says “these essays/papers sucked” and getting yours back with a “nice work!” and a lil smiley bc success is so much sweeter when you know others have failed 


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IM LAUGJING SO HARD the picture looks so sleek and professional with the lighting but ITS A SPOOKY DOG

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Return of the King + Scenery

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What is that?

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The Hobbit: The Battle of the Five Armies - a quick summary.  

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